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Community Cultural Ambassador 2021

《尋找大象 》-社區聲音地圖集

“Life with Elephant” – Community Sound Mapping

周雪甄Cat Chau X 謝振聲Sing Jantzen Tse X 陳家蔚Kiwi Chan


計劃 Project Brief

《尋找大象 》是以「社區聲音地圖集  Community Sound Mapping」去進行地區的行動研究 – 計劃、行動、觀察、反省;期望以「大象」作為引旨,走進社區,邀請街坊一同去尋找這隻看不見的「大象」。創作團隊以六區:九龍城、葵涌、粉嶺、馬灣、 坪洲及南丫島為據點,從小城到小島,將以關注現代人的身心健康為切入,以計劃扣問「留低的意願」。


The programme aims at raising the awareness of physical and mental health of modern people by carrying out community sound mapping in six districts, i.e. Kowloon City, Kwai Chung, Fanling, Ma Wan, Lamma Island and Peng Chau. ‘Elephant’ refers to the idiom ‘the elephant in the room’, meaning an obvious problem that no one wants to discuss. The programme wishes to use elephant as a precursor to go into the community and invite the general public to look into the invisible ‘elephant’ (problems) together and find out ‘the willingness to stay behind’.

策展論 Curatorial Statement

策展人Curator : 陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan

在疫情底下,時時刻刻保持社交距離的生活,讓身體經驗被淘汰,我們卻依然渴望「歸屬感」。現代日常生活交織着許多線性重復,加上有限的生活空間,在時空的片碎化下能否從混亂意識中重新跟自己身處的社區聯繫?在創作《尋找大象 – 社區地圖集》的旅程間,除了訪問及構作,我們還對日常節奏作出凝視與沉思,在我城的大街小巷遊走記錄社區變遷,從角落的迴音帶出「留低的人」的扣問。







During the pandemic, we all need to maintain social distancing, the bodily experiences have been eliminated. Deep down, I think we still desire for a “sense of belonging”. Our daily lives are interwoven with many linear repetitions, in addition to the disciplined living environment, how can one’s fragmented consciousness be able to connect to the community? During the journey design for “Life with elephant - community sound mapping”, besides of interview and devising plans,  we gazed and reflected on the daily rhythm; we noted down the community changes within the lanes and the roads, to reverberated the questions from those who stay.


As a urban people, we are overwhelmed with information, we are stuck in a dilemma of “seeking sensual experience that filled with excitement and fulfilment” and “feeling of emptiness which accompanies loneliness because of virtuality”. Our daily sense of space and time are disciplined, urban people are losing embodied cognition. During the creation process, I find the quote of “there is nothing permanent except change“ is so true, we often neglected conservation, cityscape has changed rapidly, but without a doubt, every citizen has a heartfelt map, which indicates the most memorable hidden corner and the daily route.


The sound installation of “Life with elephant - community sound mapping” applies soundscape to imitate different small Hong Kong communities appearance, by immersing into the soundscape, audiences will experience a disoriented stillness. We are inspired by different routings, which lead the audiences to listen carefully and contemplate one’s daily rhythm. A journey into soundscape is intimate yet collective, brings along a moment for us to let the mind rest and discern our relationship with this land.


Curatorial Statement
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