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於2014年製作人陳家蔚讀過一份市區重建局的文件,當中提及將土瓜灣打造成一個藝術文化小區,便策劃了一個以《尋找城市中的牛牛》 為題的聲音之旅,並邀請聲音藝術家謝振聲參與創作。當時發現計劃除了有探索和連繫社區的作用,更可以為那一區留低一些不一樣的文化文本。因此在2021年,伙拍護士廖健恩並邀請了音樂治療師周雪甄加入團隊,以《尋找大象 》為題創作六區聲音地圖集。


The Ensemble began to take shape in 2014, when Kiwi Chan read about the Urban Renewal Authority’s vision to integrate arts and cultural elements within To Kwa Wan.  She decided to curate a journey of sound and collaborated with sound artist Sing Jantzen Tse in Cow in the City, a project which not only explores and connects the local community but also relates to the district as its cultural texts.  Inspired by this project, in 2021 the Ensemble engaged community nurse Emily Liu and welcomed music therapist Cat Chau to the team for curating Life with Elephant, a sound mapping programme carried out in six areas in Hong Kong.

Core Creative

周雪甄  Cat Chau

周雪甄 Cat Chau


即興音樂人、註冊音樂治療師(澳洲)、註冊社工及靜觀認知治療導師(MBCT) HK-Malaysian a multi-Instrumentalist, Theater Musician, Registered Music Therapist and Registered Social Worker based in Hong Kong.

謝振聲 Sing Jantzen Tse

謝振聲 Sing Jantzen Tse


他的創作圍繞住對語言與溝通、流行影像與音樂、以及城市各樣風景的關注。His artworks focus on the topics including language and conversation, popular music and moving images, and city landscapes.

陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan

陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan

Curator / Artist

現為自由身藝術文化項目製作人及創作人,涉足實驗劇場、類舞踏創作及環境舞蹈。 And is now an independent project producer and creator mainly focusing on experimental theatre, Butoh-inspired works and site-specific dance.

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Star & Dust is a hub of multi-disciplinary arts practitioners who share the same vision to make the world a better place through art and creativity. The creation of a masterpiece not only requires pioneering ideas but also collective effort. Art does not provide one with an answer but an experience, a context, a place to think, to spur thinking, and encourage engagement, acceptance and action.

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ComMAground gather young talents who passionate about art, about being and about humanity. We cherish the practice of aesthetic, sensations, values, self appreciation and the beauty of nature and history. We are a space for the young generation to develop their potentials by researching, advocating, artwork creation, experiences sharing, thus practice diversity and generate new possibilities. Together, we have the courage to live in the present and break through to create the future utopia through our work in art creations.




Creative Team


計劃策劃 Project Curator

陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan、廖健恩Emily Liu

藝術家 Artist

周雪甄Cat Chau 、謝振聲Sing Jantzen Tse 、陳家蔚Kiwi Chan

計劃監製 Project Producer

雷晴 Jade Lui、李芷媚 Jess Li

平面設計及社區地圖設計 Graphic and Community Map Design

吳芷麟 Tsz-Lun Gaw

展覽設計 Exhibition Design

陳家駒 Rufus Chan

錄像 Videographer

梁皓昇 Carlos Leung @Illusion Production

AR程式設計 AR Programme Design

陳宇軒 Chan Yu Hin @Gamestry Lab

特邀參與藝術家 Featured Artist

馬子恆 Liane Mah 、陳偉光 Ocean Chan、 Ankie Au Yeung、貓珊 Maoshan Connie

製作助理 Production Assistant

仇瓏晞 Chow Lung Hei、陳曉柔 Chan Hiu Yau

主辦 Presented by

一與異作邦 Star & Dust Collective

支持 Supported by

大地母系 ComMAground 


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