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謝振聲 Sing Jantzen Tse


謝振聲生於80後的香港,於中文大學藝術系碩士畢業。他的創作圍繞住對語言與溝通、流行影像與音樂、以及城市各樣風景的關注。他喜於應用不同物料,聲音錄像等多媒體作創作媒介。2017 年與友人創立「打邊爐創作室」,致力以團隊形式創造更多以探索聲音、錄像與互動裝置式的媒體。

Sing Jantzen Tse obtained Master of Fine Art in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His artworks focus on the topics including language and conversation, popular music and moving images, and city landscapes. In 2017, he and his friends started art group “Dabinlo Lab”, which focus on video projects, sound and music performance, and multimedia art production.

謝振聲 Sing Jantzen Tse
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