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Kowloon City


從消失於90年代的九龍城寨及啟德機場,到屯馬線開通,透過一個家族、三個家庭及兩對母女的對話,去構作九龍城的變遷。 在士紳化洗禮下,為何依然選擇九龍城為家?  


Kowloon City, once the most mysterious legendary place in Hong Kong, has had a makeover in the previous decades. Through the story of a clan, three families and the two mother-daughter dialogues, they witnessed the change of this place, from the fading of Kowloon Walled City and Kai Tak Airport in the 90’s, to the full commissioning of Tuen Ma Line.  

While gentrification prevails in different old districts, namely Kowloon city, why do people still stay there as home? Is their ancestral influence or cherishable memories that prevent the move?

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