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Sound Mapping

家在哪裡?我們從哪裡來?往何處去?紮根在軟土之上,四處都傳來城市發展的聲音。風一吹來,沙塵把城市掩蓋,你還能找到家鄉的大象嗎?《尋找大象》以六個地點 — 馬灣、葵涌、粉嶺、九龍城、南丫島及坪洲為據點,從小城到島嶼,以社區沉浸式劇場,讓觀眾體驗、介入表演,跨越觀眾與劇場固有的空間限制。探索旅程由聲音開始,跟著聲音地圖窺探小城大事,找回回家的路。試拿著這張地圖,量度象的邊界,計算象的面積,還會和你記憶中的大象一樣嗎?


Where is your homeland? Where are you from? Where are you heading to? When the city keeps changing rapidly, can you still find the elephants you used to see in your hometown?

"Life with Elephants" covers six districts of Hong Kong -Ma Wan, Kwai Chung, Fanling, Kowloon City, Lamma Island and Peng Chau, while these places are the theatre. When the audiences experience and participate in the live performances, a new understanding on the space between the stage and the audience emerges. The journey started with sound guidance, constructing a map that leads you home. Try to measure the territory of the elephants and calculate the size of the elephant, will it resonate with your memories?

摺地圖 &畫封面 
Fold the Map & draw the cover

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